Welcome Prof. Said Ease from Ryerson University(Canada) to be the keynote speaker!

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Prof. Said Easa

Ryerson University, Canada

Professor Said Easa is currently Professor of Civil Engineering, Ryerson University, Canada. He received his B.Sc. degree from Cairo University (Egypt) in 1972, M.Eng. degree from McMaster University (Canada) in 1976, and Ph.D. degree from University of California at Berkeley (U.S.) in 1982. He has served as Director of Quality Assurance of the Faculty of Engineering at Ryerson University (2010-2013), where he introduced the new accreditation system for graduate attributes. Prior to joining Ryerson University in 2000, he had taught at Lakehead University, Canada (1982-2000). Dr. Easa is Fellow of Canadian Academy of Engineering, Engineering Institute of Canada, and Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE). His research interests cover broad transportation areas, including planning, design, operation, and management. In particular, he has introduced novel approaches for safer and more efficient transportation infrastructure, including highway alignments, railway crossings, interchanges, intersections, and roundabouts. In addition, he has conducted multidisciplinary research in such areas as intelligent transportation systems, autonomous and connected vehicles, human factors, and geomatics engineering.

Dr. Easa published nearly 300 refereed journal articles and was editor of a bestselling book on Urban Planning and Development Applications of GIS, published by American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). He served as President of Online Network Enabled ITS Research Society (ONE-ITS) (2015-2017). He is Associate Editor of Journal of Transportation Engineering, Journal of Surveying Engineering, and Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering. He was leader of a national delegation to China, judge for annual Canadian Consulting Engineering awards, and member of national grant selection committees. He organized and chaired eight national and international conferences, sponsored by ASCE, CSCE, and IAAM. He has received numerous lifetime achievement awards and honors from Canadian, U.S., and other organizations, including Frank M. Masters Transportation Engineering Award from ASCE (2001), Sandford Fleming Award from CSCE (2003), Arthur M. Wellington Prize from ASCE (2005), Award of Academic Merit from Transportation Association of Canada (2010), and IAAM Medal from the International Association for Advanced Materials (2018).


      发表了近 300 篇经引用的期刊文章,且为美国土木工程师学会(ASCE)出版的有关 GIS 的城市规划和开发应用畅销书籍编辑。曾担任在线网络启用 ITS 研究协会(ONE-ITS)的主席(2015-2017 年)。为《运输工程杂志》《测量工程杂志》和《加拿大土木工程杂志》的副主编。曾是中国国家代表团的团长、加拿大咨询工程年度奖的评委等。组织并主持了由 ASCE、CSCE 和 IAAM 主办的八次国内和国际会议。获得了加拿大、美国和其他组织的终身成就奖和荣誉,包括ASCE 的 Frank M. Masters 运输工程奖(2001)、CSCE 的 Sandford Fleming 奖(2003)、ASCE 的 Arthur M. Wellington 奖(2005)、加拿大运输协会的学术优异奖(2010)和国际先进材料协会的 IAAM 奖(2018)。

      2019 年特邀代表:应中国政府邀请,参加 9 月 26 日至 29 日在中国北京人民大会堂举行的建国周年纪念仪式。参加的一项主要活动是“中国科技创新政策”研讨会。

      2018 年 IAAM 奖章。国际先进材料协会(来自 139 个国家的 50,000 多名成员)向 Said Easa博士颁发了 2018 年 IAAM 奖章,以表彰其在先进材料科学和技术方面的杰出研究。